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Helpful audition do’s and don’ts plus great voiceover demo advice. The information keeps pouring in with Mary Lynn Wissner as she talks about important things you really need to know. Learn more about how you can study with Mary Lynn and attend her incredible workshops with leading industry pros at
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Chuck and Stacey welcome the awesome, Mary Lynn Wissner, one of the top Casting Directors in the voiceover business. Mary Lynn offers some great insights and tips on how to interpret audition scripts. She breaks down the casting process from audition to booking and shares the importance of valuing your talent and what makes auditions stand out so you get noticed and book the job. Watch now at

Part 2 with Maggie Wheeler is ready for your viewing pleasure! (Keys to a long successful career and handling times of rejection). Maggie shares amazing stories, reveals what she feels are her strengths as an actor and remembers the incredible experiences she had working with Larry David and the casts of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Watch now at

It’s time to get BUZZED! Actor, singer, songwriter, Golden Bridge Choir director, Maggie Wheeler takes time out of her busy schedule to chat with Chuck and Stacey J. about how she got started in voiceover. Maggie shares what advice she would give to actors, if she were mentoring them, to help them succeed. Watch now at:

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